Having a trial 6-8 weeks before the wedding day is the recommended. By then you will have most of your wedding details ready so you will have a good idea about the hair and makeup styles that you like. In addition, your hair colour and length will be right. However, if you are a super organized bride, you can have a trial whenever you are ready.

It usually takes 3 hours for hair and makeup trials.
1.5 hours for hair appointments.
1.5 hours for makeup appointments.
Please refer to services page for more details.

Not at all. Although trials are recommended, we understand that in certain circumstances some brides may not be able to fit the trial booking into their busy schedules. Many of our brides are from overseas or interstate and only arrive in Sydney 1 week before the wedding day, so they may not afford the time to have a trial. In this case, we will communicate as much as we can about the wedding details in advance and simply allow a bit more time on the wedding day just in case we need to discuss about the styles further. 20% of our wedding clients had no trials before the wedding day, so it is not an issue for us.

For the makeup, please make sure your skin is clean, well moisturised and exfoliated. For the hair, please wash your hair night before without conditioner (if possible).

With our famous double styles trial service, you are able to try 2 different hair and makeup styles in one trial appointment, so you will have a good idea of what you like by the end of the trial.

Please bring any photos you may have of your dress/accessories and any hair and makeup ideas you may have. These photos are helpful to give us an idea of a suitable look for both hair and makeup. An idea of your wedding theme colour and your bridesmaids’ dress colour will also help us to create a look that blends in perfectly with your surrounding colours.

Most our brides secure their wedding date with us 6-12 months in advance. That means it is very important to secure your wedding date NOW before it disappears.
Once you secure the booking, you will have plenty of time to collect hair and makeup photos from magazines and the internet. If you are still uncertain about what you like by the time we have the trial, we will provide you professional advice to guide you to the style that suits you and you love the most.

Yes you can. We are happy to use some of your own makeup products that you feel very comfortable with. However, as you can understand, we can not guarantee how long it will last.

Depending on each individual, makeup application usually takes 30-45 minutes and hairstyling takes 30-60 minutes.

Once applied, your wedding day makeup should last a full 8 hours. Some brides have even told us the hair and make up was still on the next day. All you will need on the day for touch-ups will be a compact powder and a lipstick/gloss.

We accept cash and bank transfer/deposit.

Yes, just simply contact us for more details.