Bridal Hair and Makeup Trials

Bridal Hair and Makeup Trials

Bridal hair and makeup trials are recommended but not compulsory. However, it is very important to give us a chance to meet and discuss about your ideal wedding day makeup look in a relaxed atmosphere. A trial is usually held around 6 to 8 weeks before your wedding day.

  • A consultation
    we will discuss about every details about your wedding. Please bring any photos you may have of your dress/accessories and any hair and makeup ideas you may have. These photos are helpful to give us an idea of a suitable look for both hair and makeup. We also have plenty of hair accessories and ideas to inspire you.
  • Your wedding hair and makeupFor the makeup, our hair and makeup expert will analyse your skin tone, facial structure and skin condition to create a flawless but natural look that still looks like yourself, just a more beautiful version! Our goal is to create a look that is timeless, natural and will not date. Once applied, your wedding day makeup should last a full 8 hours. All you will need on the day for touch-ups will be a compact powder and a lipstick/gloss.For the hairstyling, we will taking into account your head shape, body proportions, hair length and type, volume, colour together with the shape of your wedding gown to create a style that look your absolute best whilst making sure you still feel like yourself.
  • We offer double stylesNow you get to try 2 different looks in one trial appointment! Sometimes it is hard to tell which style you like better unless you compare. With our trial appointments, you can try a different makeup style, whether it is a darker or lighter tone and a different hairstyle, whether it is a down or up style, so you will have a good idea of what you like by the end of the appointment.
  • A free professional head shot uniqueAs a unique service, we will take a few professional head shots for you during the trial to give you a complete preview of your hair and makeup application. As you know, makeup can look very different in the camera. With us, you will get to know exactly what your hair and makeup will look like in your wedding photos.

A trial hair and makeup service includes :

  • A consultation about the details of your wedding and the ideal look to achieve
  • A complete hair and makeup application and we will make sure that you are satisfied;
  • A trial of 2 different hair and makeup styles in one appointment;
  • A free professional head shot to give you a complete preview of your hair and makeup application;

Maximum 3 hours

Location: home studio in Kellyville, NSW